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Refund Policy

We always try to provide the best service and support to our customers who purchase the Premium version of products from us. In any case, the products not working properly first submit a ticket to our site or mail angfuzsoft@gmail.com. Please read the Refund Policy carefully to know more.

You get a refund in the following situation:

  1. If the products are completed non-functional.
  2. When you don’t get any response or solution from forum post or mail within 3 business days except Saturday & Sunday after you posted support request.
  3. If you buy any product by mistake and still don’t download that (note: all download logs are saved).

Refund not acceptable for the following situation:

  1. After purchasing the item if you change your mind not use it and without any specific reason.
  2. If you buy any item by mistake and downloaded the item (note: all download logs are saved).
  3. You need to provide necessary access for support. If don’t provide access, then the item will not eligible for a Refund Policy.
  4. If our Team don’t provide you with support and fix your issue and you cannot use this item.

We are an author at Envato Market. Which items sold at Envato Market will follow the Envato Refund Policy.

We provide 15 days’ money-back guarantee but you should notify us within 30 days that count from your purchase date and angfuzsoft.com has the right to ask you the specific reason for the refund. After 30 days’ refund is expire.

Noted: Refund may take 7+ days to arrive in your account.

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